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1Our gates are made from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum 3/8” thick rod and are polyester powder coated in bright red. Slide on our Neon Gate Socks for those long set lines or forest play!
2The Hammer comes with a CNC machined tough black UHMW polyethylene head, 4 stainless screws hold it to an aircraft grade 6061 aluminum shaft completed with 15” of durable tack grip. We top it off with our functional CNC machined stainless crown. Made for quality and durability- An awesome looking Hammer for the job!
3Our Hammer Balls are a tough vinyl-rubber compound that take a hammering end after end, game after game. A medium blue, visible for all condition play, grab a sharpie and add some personal graffiti.
4The “Silver Hammer” is a token awarded to the winner, who gets to wear it until he/she is beaten. Wear as a symbol of victory.
5The Collectors Medallion is included in each serial numbered HMR game with game number engraved on the back. It’s also engraved on the ‘Silver Hammer’.
6The Ball Pump is used to add or subtract air.
7The scorecard records points at the completion of each ‘end’ played. Those who get HMR’d comment on back.
8How to Play/Rules of Play Card
Download PDF Here
9The heavy duty nylon carrying case is the perfect, lightweight way to transport your Hammer game.