4 Hammer Courses to Play in Cottage Country


Algonquin Park‘s Lake of Two Rivers is an awesome place to HMR in the off season! Do-to-the-fact that the patrons with their trailers and tents would not like to see a whole bunch of Hammer balls sailing through the air at their afternoon BBQ’s


Dyers Memorial is in beautiful Muskoka Ontario, our first game was in November 2011. With ponds, creeks, open areas and wooded wilderness, the ULTIMATE place to Hammer.


The Rock Lands” is a name I’ve given the vacant lot at Cedar Lane and Taylor Road in Bracebridge Ontario. This is an expert level course with nothing but scrub trees and barren blasted rock, truly this will test your level of sanity.

Version 3

Sundridge Arena’s Backyard┬áis a mid-level challenge, trees, fences and the occasional building. This location provides easy access as it is right in town and therefore you will not have to travel far.

As with all these places you do not have to pay to play.

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